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Intuitive Energy Coaching is a dynamic and integrative dualistic process

Research show that Energy Medicine effectively supports individuals in their unique and personal growth. Working within the energetic matrix, cognitive-based therapeutic (CBT) and various behaviour modification approaches effectively provide clients for “real-world” tangible manifestations and growth. In order to support dynamic change we combine subtle field energy work which clears the energetic body to facilitate integrative and effective “coaching” approaches.

In combining effective coaching approaches with energy healing modalities we create a sustainable psycho-emotional and physically optimized matrix. In so doing clients may more effectively create, build and live through their life’s goals and achievements. “The best laid plans are those that can grow and manifest on a clear energy path!”

What sets Intuitive Energy Coaching apart from more traditional coaching approaches?

Our Healers unique ability hear at to effectively identify and actively dismantle the actual underlying patterns, blocks, issues or disturbances that may exist between you and your goals and objectives! In setting out with a highly integrative energy coaching modality, we are able to support integrative change and transformation by dismantling these old relationships, thoughts, and patterns on an energetic level thus creating a clear path for the energetic flow of the goal to take shape with unencumbered ease. Identified goals and objectives are sustainable and most take sustainable long-term root when the entire bioenergetic system of the organism is effectively supported.

Our work together will include a variety of your personal goals and objectives. These goals may include health related issues, working through relationships, advancing career objectives, dismantling addictions, and sorting through co-dependent issues and more. Energy Intuitives will set up a program to meet your individual needs and objectives while moving through this effective process in a sacred manner.

Layered Process


At the root of all of our personal issues are psycho-energetic imbalances in the subtle energy system. When issues that need to leave our human system are brought forth, clients are able to work through the emotional or psychological issues arising from present day experience right back through to early childhood development and beyond via energetic healing support. Exploring personal issues through this energetic veil, allows the issues to be identified, lifted and released, and harmony restored to these imbalances.


“We work together as a dynamic team to effectively work through core issues, clearing the energetic path as we set out to meet new challenges and goals.”

As our human biofield contains our personal information, when examined and assessed our energy field systems reveal the key ingredients we must address in coming closer to understanding what exactly we need to do in our lives to make change.

Our own energy fields also convey information that is blocking us from moving forward, maintaining repetitive endless cycles, harbouring darkness, feeding unhealthy addictions to food, people, thoughts, relationships and deleterious behaviours.

Please contact us to see how we best support your own goals and objectives.

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Initial session fee is $150 for a 90 minute session

♦ Fee for 45 minute Session is $75 ♦

♦ Fee for 2 Hr Session is $150




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During any consultation we acquaint ourselves with one another and determine how to effectively work together as a team. Whether you wish to work on a physiological, emotional or spiritual issue, we explore the most effective roadmap to work together to expeditiously heal, balance, and harmonize your body mind spirit.

Psychic & Tarot Readings

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Intuitive Energy Coaching Sessions

Initial session fee is $150 for a 90 minute session

♦ Fee for 45 minute Session is $75 ♦

♦ Fee for 2 Hr Session is $150


Start A New Healing Journey for Yourself…

Book Your Session Today!

Psychic & Tarot Readings are also Available


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