Our Aura is what I imagine as our 8th Chakra. What we emanate from within our core is extraordinary in electric vibration.

Our core field is our souls center space. Our Aura is our souls outer space.

Spiritual Inventory

However you’re feeling, remember: we don’t learn from our experiences, we learn by reflecting on them. 

Process your progress.
Everyday I track my progress via social media or through my creativity. Our souls enjoy the experience of reflection and it is important we feed that enjoyment!

Yep. To move forward, we have to pause and look back.
Emotions can get the best of us in nostalgia sometimes.

Our soul says to us “process your progress” so we can reflect more efficiently in these moments. 

Getting up close and cozy with our feelings in the past as we take inventory of our daily lives can provide serious healing support down the road when we are feeling down and out energetically. 

Cozy up with your feelings and be amazed how much help it provieds in finding patterns, leading to *big* personal insights. 👍

Today, pick a daily habit (ex. commuting 🚗, brushing your teeth) where you can add a quick self-check. 

Get curious about why you’re feeling a certain way.

Write it down.  

Yours truly,

Ellie Lieberman