When we find ourselves meeting rather ‘strange’ characters we often wonder why or criticize those individuals based on misunderstanding rather than truth.

“What matters most is how you see yourself.”

When you judge anyone else you are simply judging that which you do not understand within yourself. 

Life is nothing but a mirror reflecting your own perspective for you to see.

Look within your self to find acceptance for what is fated.


Inclinations of the Heart

“The Copper Rose” Watercolor by Ellie Lieberman

To be Artistically Inclined comes with many other avenues of sight. In my experience as a spiritually evolved being I have found a parallel within spiritual connection to the divine and creativity. When I was a child my mother always told me:

“Elizabeth, Creativity is a direct line to God. When you paint you are literally painting God’s messages to the world and yourself into physical reality.”


Verbal Healing Codes

False Parent Healing Excercise

Verbal Command Code: “STS”

Use: Simple Triad Sweep is a completion code command that is used in many parts of the closing of HGS session work for clearing items and completing them for removal and repair within the multidimensional body.

Instead of saying all those written commands out loud verbally, (included in the STS Code) once you become aware of the STS command and it has been encrypted with the rest of the HG system or its related modules, the command STS Sweep is used for “complete clearings”.

With STS – the user is performing an end command “sweep” making the command to the STS code to sweep all issues related to the issue or weakness you are clearing or repairing in HGS session work.

To complete clearings, ending with this STS command and clearing “embedded memories” to collapse timelines open to those memories, is important to maximize the healing or clearing process.

The vulnerability humans have is in our genetic code and physical body and is caused from the incredible trauma based memories that are embedded inside our DNA and the planet body. The response in human nerve endings (synapses and dendrites) and the brain to the trauma is recorded in the brain and nervous system messaging.

Most all humans have nerve damage from this trauma which means they cannot “sense”, “feel” or “experience” their spiritual/ energetic connection, because the nerve trauma has been so extensive.

This STS command is designed to help support removal of this trauma and pain through all of these “avenues” without having to exactly feel the experience of every drop of its consequences, which can create fear in a person who still has a lot of implants of “resistance to change” and “pain avoidance”.

One of the most debilitating issues humans have is that the body resists the spiritual energy and the mind is controlled is to repel the spirit, and our body intelligence (the physical part of us) is really scared to deal with what our “parent” has done to us.

So the child refuses to grow up and is stunted in permanent emotional damage, until the child decides to face what has happened, and realizes that it is not our parent (God) that abandoned us. It was the local negative extraterrestrials that impersonated our real God parent.


The False Parent is the main Victimizer Archetype that is used to create pain and trauma in the child, when that child is totally dependent upon that adult person. When abuse is suffered in childhood, destructive Attachments and negative bonds are formed within that child that carry into adulthood, if they are not cleared.

To free the body, mind, emotions and spirit from the bondage of trauma induced by parents or others when we were children, we must take responsibility to learn how to love ourselves and unconditionally forgive what has happened to us.

This action dissolves the Causality and the consequential effects, as well as later entanglements that this pain has created throughout the child’s timeline, all the way into adulthood. Unhealed childhood trauma and pain is commonly carried over into our adult intimate relationships, infecting them with pain and leading into unhealthy and destructive relationships.

When we are able to unconditionally forgive the situation and love ourselves, we learn that what happened to us as a child, had nothing to do with our real self.

We shift our thinking to reflecting upon what lessons we have learned, and what strengths we can take away from that experience.

We must shift our concept of the Parent that exists on the external, to become the Parent that exists in the internal self, and know that we are the true spiritual parent for ourselves.

Our self-worth is not relative to how our biological family or adopted parents treated us as children.

When we change the way we perceive our negative experiences, we are able to own our own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by needing to make it their fault.

The set up on earth is to disempower people into always thinking that their misery is someone else’s fault, so that they are always in a state of blaming something else outside of themselves.

This creates powerlessness and cycles of victimization that trap the person into compliance with the enslavement programs. Do not assume that you know anything about that person that can be judged for what you cannot see or really know, as you have not walked in their shoes.

Many people on this earth live with a broken heart, experiencing a large amount of Isolation, misery and fear throughout their life. Chances are you had a parent or other people that acted these feelings out on you.

Have compassion for them, as they are also you.

See: False Parent in the Ascension Glossary.



Ellie Lieberman

August 23rd, 2017

Sometimes we must seek outside of ourselves and our belief systems in order to make sense of our reality in its truest form.

When I first started seeing violet and rose colored flares in my photos I had no idea what I was looking at.

Around October of 2016, right before my 29th birthday, I took these photos below and mind raced with the possibilities.

There are now hundreds of photos with this auric body now in my photos.

As I spiritually grow, I see a huge correlation with my photographs and colors within them. I also feel more connected to the sun and moon and feel aware of my inner beauty more so now than ever. Photos are posted at the end of this blog post.

It was brought to my attention the concept of the violet flame through a site called The Ascension Glossary. This is my go to Ascension directory!

Click here for their definition of the Violet Ray or read below:

The Violet Ray is the 7D current which creates the ultraviolet Magnetosphere of earth and holds the magnetic instruction set for the planetary brain, otherwise called the planetary logos.

This violet color wave Spectrum of Frequency is transmitted through our Crownchakra and seventh dimensional energy centers in our 12 Tree Grid lightbody system.

This initiation with the Violet Ray remains dormant until the human being has full integrated and spiritually embodied their Soul Matrix.

You are your own magician.
Yours Truly,
Ellie Lieberman


Healer Spotlight


Hulda Gudmonsdottir

August 23rd, 2017

We arrive here on this earth in our vulnerability and with our purpose. There are forces that influence our energy and it is ours to be aware of that and how much we allow it to influence our purpose.

We are in the water that flows where it goes and we hit the hurdles and go around and under the bend to be able to move forward in the direction to the brimming timeless ocean of what we have named LOVE. Some leavess float down with the water and get spotted, but they are no superior to any of what floats in that water of divine. Some leafs have been called Buddha, Jesus and other names…but that is what they are…names. They all move with the water and end up at the same place.

Our nature provides us with all the clues of how things work, it is even written in the moving stars. We just need to slow down and look around. Look at those things that are created by the higher energy. The spontaneity of universal lifeforms.

I have listened to so many that talk about the consciousness and the importance in saving Gaia and then listening to people saying that it is all about Christ and the second coming or that we are manipulated by dark forces…but that we are born with free will and that free will is destroying earth and all kind of things that are not making much sense for me in many ways… But I can tell you this. I came here, just like you did. I know my task here, meeting the souls that have turned me inwards and confirmed my remembering towards my authentic being. I am forever grateful for that happening.

I am not going to associate to religions or social culture regarding my being here… my body was conceived here so I could appear in the material form and that is it. The same goes for you.

We are given this knowledge, that I know you all know already, to LOVE…but we also have to know what it is…to LOVE.

We can take a partner in this life…we can choose to walk with another through this. But that is not the purpose we arrive with. The purpose is what we have chosen before this appearance. The soul is in charge, and everything materialistic that has been put in front of us and happening to us before, is falling off of us. We meet that true soul energy that helps us to look into our true and higher self to help us release and shed the shackles we have put on ourselves with conditions and fear.

If you are on this journey, your true soul journey, you already know it is time to release everything and come out of hiding. You will be pushed down that path and you can choose to resist to make this harder on yourself. But never forget….we were not woken up to be living in fear and working for peanuts and to keep going down that path of “3D” life as we did before. To wake up is to be aware of that state and observe and realize that we can step out of that phase for our highest good.

I have watched you all having that moment where things are clicking together and you are totally blown away by the sheer magic happening…and then, after the rise, that momentum falls down to the same frequency again and we fall to slumber and non-activity….it is normal, if you keep your awareness of it. If you fall into that slumber without realizing it, it will come back to you later on and that is okay too. But never think that this is something that will come from the outside….because you are the outside…from the inside.

Have you watched the unfolding lotus? It is the description of your true self, emitting your soul energy out to the world unfolding every second of your existence. It is your light from your core. A person sees a blue sky, and is told that the color they are seeing is blue, but the cells in a person’s brain could be changed to make the sky look green or red.

Our consciousness makes sense of this world, and can be altered to change that interpretation. We all know here in this group that space and time is not behaving as we have been taught through our consciousness. We know that “space” and “time” are just tools of our mind to create the outer world of our inner world.

We are here to heal the soul and to bring the balance…we all have different way for it to happen and we are all heading that direction. It is so we can emit that divine unconditional LOVE that is the fundamental driving force of our wellbeing and energy. When we die to our self, our life becomes a perennial flower that returns to bloom.

In this multiverse we are happening in all stages at all points. And we can always choose the next step. It has always been about that freedom choice we have, in how we want to walk our path. And as soon as we judge, our selves or others, we put on the shackles again and place ourselves in the beginning point of our journey again. Many of us want to place blame and responsibility on external objects or other people because it’s easier to do than take the time to get still, go within and source the painful feelings. But the truth remains that all conflicts start internally, in how our minds perceived what has happened.

It is the tendency to divert from the enlightening truth we seek for, at the same time as we run from it. This is a good time to face and heal our emotional wounds, sacred wounds, ego wounds in order to restore balance between our male and female energies. We hold both masculine and feminine energies inside and when we are not in balance we are striving. I see many women in my life that totally bash on their male side to look tough on the exterior and underneath they are hurting and hiding their “vulnerable” side they call on as their feminine side. I also see men not honoring their female energy, hiding their pain with silence or the opposite, and acting up. For what? Who is gaining? I am stepping out myself, going to expose my wounds to myself…addressing and arriving to what I am running away from…myself. In order to heal and be fully whole in front of you all, and myself.

Please be kind to you and others.







Long time healer Megan Thomas discusses Dreaming, Prophecy within Dreams and the Necessities of Alternative Healing as a resource for new souls awakening to the truths of our real world.