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Ellie Lieberman

Comfortably being open to changing my perspective instantaneouslyrics is the key to all things 3D. Intuition and clairvoyant abilities have been slowly integrating as an acceptable characteristic and sign of evolution and spiritual connectedness within a being. Though this awareness is amazing it is no easy feat as a new found characteristic/upgrade for humanity evolved.

My approach is quite simple.  Compassionate, patient, but also very straight forward. I am always transforming the way I approach change in my life but my delivery has always stayed pure.

” If you have found yourself aware of new emotions or intuitive gifts I offer positive,  self reflective, and compassionate guidance with the support of my intuition explained step by step.”

Through continual practice toward intuitive self-mastery,  an educational background in artistic psychology and a business in clairvoyant services, I have now found my best self expression as a soul coach.

healer spotlight

When I help other souls illuminate their pathways to success and understanding intuitively I find it rewarding and humbling every time.

Intention is the key

My number one focus is to provide healing holistically.

Clearly identifying intentions is my first focus when I begin to heal myself or heal others. To heal (for me) means to help others develop peace during their lessons in life.

As long as the person needing healing is integral and transparent about their needs then it is a guarantee to find a healing place within them. It is important a the person at hand is willing to release anything suggested by the healer.

By letting go of things that no longer serve them, clearly define their passion and purpose, and confidence in intuitive choices and decisions.

Stay in The Light and Acknowlede the Night,

Ellie Lieberman “The Gold Dust Woman”